Thrift Store Finds

Monday, June 28, 2010

Check out all of the clocks I got at the thrift this weekend. I now have an instant collection of mini Baby Ben clocks. I am pretty sure some old woman had been collecting these little guys for months, and finally decided to just get rid of all of them. It can get a little annoying if you have all of them running in one room. The tic tocks will most certainly get to you. I had to take the batteries out of all but one of them. My favorite is the blue plastic vibrant clock right in front.

A word of advice. DO NOT use goo gone on plastic surfaces. The goo gone will eat the plastic up.
I hate those darn stickers from the thrift store!! I can't tell you how many drinking glasses I have that still have the thrift store stickers on them. All of my clocks still have the stickers on them, I just do not have the patience to scrape them off.

Does anyone know a good remedy to get VERY sticky stickers off of plastic?

Here is a beautiful quilt I found at an estate sale. It is only the raw quilted squares at the moment. I need to buy some material to sew to the back of the quilt. The design is amazing, so many colors! Has anyone made any quilts recently? I will be looking for some fabric and advice on how to turn this blanket into a beauty.


  1. wow! that blanket is gorgeous (:

  2. Ooh, cute, cute, cute finds!
    I had a great thrifty weekend as well! :) :)

  3. what great finds!! i hate those stickers too!!! i use a blow dryer to heat up the glue and then they should peel right off :)

  4. oh my goodness!! miss makes a lot.
    such a great idea.

    i will try it today!

  5. love that quilt!!!
    i'm actually working on quilts today! i'm almost finished with a crib quilt for mine & daniel's nephew...and i just started cutting squares for a quilt i'm making as a wedding gift for some friends. i also can't seem to find any bedding that i like for us, so i bought fabric for a quilt for us. i can't wait to make it!

    also, i just got the comment you left me yesterday...i can send you a rate sheet afterwhile! (i've been working on one the past few days, so once i finish it, i'll send it)

    lovely post as usual!

  6. I love these watches!
    I am a lover of everything you have in your blog

  7. Ooh those clocks are so great! I love the blue one too :)
    We always use White Spirit to get sticky labels off, works a treat :)

  8. it looks like someone already gave you a solution for the stickers, but what i do is simply run the sticker under the sink for 10-20 seconds, then it can be scraped off very easily leaving no residue. good luck!

  9. Your collection is cute!! It's a shame that those darn stickers won't rub off. I would suggest hot water, but that might damage the interior of your clock. Hmm good luck! Definitely a cute find!


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