AppleSeed Accessories Update

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am super excited for these updates. For two reasons I guess. These items were part of my personal collection. I tend to attach myself easily to any vintage shoes that fit, or brightly colored trinkets! The problem is I never actually wear/use them, I just like having them in my closet or sitting on my shelf.

My friends always say I have TOO much stuff... so I am selling it all! Well, not all of it, just letting go of some very pretty items. I hope each and every one of them finds a new happy home.
If you see an item you like just visit
my shop at
The AppleSeed and snatch it up!

Oh goodness... at this very moment I am watching the
show Hoarders.. is it a sign?

I thought I would share some pretty hilarious pics of my boyfriend Gavin, he was helping me try out my new modeling set up. Such a goof ball.

(also notice his shirt) a pretty sweet find from the thrift this week!

Have a Happy Monday!


  1. love the updates! and funny photos near the end there! haha

  2. LOVE that bag and those red shoes! So cute. My boyfriend's name is Gavin too and he is just as goofy...there must be something about that name!


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