Thursday, June 3, 2010


My mom got chickens today!We have been waiting for these guys for months. My mom lives right outside the city limits of Birmingham, so I think its legal? Any who, we have been waiting on these guys for a while. The last batch of chickens (as seen below) we bought at about 9 weeks old. It only took them about two months until they started laying. Unfortunately mom didn't have any chicken wire over their little fenced in area, so either the owls, or foxes would come in a steal one every night. It was really sad, and kind of funny at the same time. Exactly one chicken would go missing every night until they were all gone.

My mom practically treated the chickens like her daughters, waking up at 6 in the morning to check on them, and playing with them during the day. She tried once to even give the excuse that she couldn't visit me at school because she had to watch her chickens. Crazy mom and her chickens.

So this is round two of the chickens. I will head into town next weekend so I can post pics of them. I even get to name 4 of them haha. I think I will just repeat my names from last time.

(so bad....hehe)

I am so excited for fresh eggs!!


look how ridiculously happy my mom is with her chickens!

Do you know anyone close to you who owns chickens? There really is nothing better than walking up in the morning, walking outside, and picking two fresh eggs for breakfast. It's like Christmas Eve every night.


  1. Yes!! I am sooo glad that you found my blog because now I am officially obsessed with yours :)
    love it :)
    Now Im going to hop over and check out your rad etsy shop :)

  2. I remember being younger and my dad having chickens. Haha are they not the craziest things ever? I always liked chasing the babies around (but not really getting chased by the mom! ha!)

    My dad still has chickens, and when I hang out there I always have to go out and tease the chickens a little haha

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    i found this site via
    looking forward to reading your blog!


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