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Saturday, August 20, 2011


A few home organization/inspiration photos always help me to spice up my house.
I have a new roomie (Leah) moving in this weekend, which means plenty of opportunities for
re-organization, painting walls, new furniture, and the best part ever, tossing things I have
been holding on to for ages. My first goal/project will be my bedroom. I have settled with the idea that anything larger than a full size bed will consume the space. Last week I got rid of one of my sewing tables, and took it down to my antique booth to sell. I now have left a very ugly family heirloom entry table, but with a fresh coat of blue paint , it will be transformed into my desk/vanity... lets just hope madre doesn't recognize the new look!

so, here is to a weekend filled with cleaning, reorganizing, crafting and plenty of fresh farm tomatoes, arugula, and goat cheese!

i will post pictures of the progress soon...


a little antique booth

Sunday, August 14, 2011

This month i decided to try something new. I have never had an antique booth before, and to be honest, I was getting tired of the set-up break down @ the farmers market every weekend. So, I asked a few friends to split the cost/responsibility with me, and now i have my own little corner shop @ Urban Suburban in Crestwood, Birmingham. We moved in on the 1st, and since then it has been pretty darn successful. We set up the space like a bedroom, and there is a nice mix between art, antiques, and supplies. Decently priced as well. My friends Daisy Winfrey, and Emma Robertshaw have helped give the space some character. I am excited to brave all the seasons with this little booth, I cant wait to set up for Christmas! Enjoy.


We are finally kicking off Porch Lights!
Porch Lights- a monthly craft/art/junk sale the last Friday of every month.
There were will be over 15 vendors neatly arranged throughout a historic home in
5 points Birmingham. Come out and enjoy some sangria, art and local music.
Bring a friend and stay a while.

Friday, August 26th, you can find us here:

3413 7th Ct.
Birmingham, AL

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