Salem Art WOrks

Monday, September 26, 2011

A magical place indeed. This past weekend I drove up 22 hrs. with my little sister to Salem Art Works in Salen, NY. ALabama sent us off right with some stormy rain and hovering clouds, and greeted us back with such. Minus the 50 hrs. of driving I will share with you a snippet of SAW.

This art hub nestled in upstate new york is certainly a gem of inspiration. The entire place is busting at the seams with creative ventures. The whole concept of SAW is a live in artists community, the director Anthony describes it as a place which enables artists to exchange ideas and techniques in a communal setting, which in return brings learning and personal growth. Perception of art is always colored by experience, and is necessarily subjective, this weekend broadened my limits of aesthetically satisfying art forms.

This place gave me a boost of motivation to further pursue my endeavors in spreading the arts education in Birmingham. I left refreshed and overwhelmed by a blissful drive to create ...always remember to capture every opportunity that comes your way, say what you think, act on what you feel, do not let hesitation or doubt cloud your ability to react.

So, here it is SAW...

it's days like today that
inspire me to walk farther
to breathe deeper
to scream louder
to spin faster
to fall harder
to smile wider
to play more
to laugh louder
to walk barefoot,
to get my hands a little dirty.
and not care a cent.


fall brings around

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It has been a bit of a lazy weekend. i have had some quality sister and relax time since Friday. I finally got around to updating my booth @ urban, and unpacking my car from artwalk (it only took a week...geez)

The weather has been beautiful, fall is certainly quickly approaching. So, I have taken a few snapshots of things that make me giggle/smile, these things were supposed to relate to the upcoming breezy season, but no need to tag them to a certain season, these thoughts bring wide grins all year long.

pretty self explanatory but i suppose i can explain.
cozy attire- sweaters, tights, long scarves and high socks.. all inclusive really i can finally cover up my pale complexion, since i managed to hide from the sun all summer.
feathers- i admit. the whole feather phase has been a bit extreme, but they ar simply elegant
and so cheap. you can jazz up any outfit/room with a few feathers.
boots- oh goodness thrift stores here I come, because i refuse to pay
over $25 for a pair of shoes. geez am I cheap or what?!

frames- you put a piece of artwork in a white or black frame and it automatically becomes stylish. not to say raw edge pieces aren't pretty too, but I am past the days of push pins and tiny nails. I'll foot the bill for a more clean look :)
couples- this couple is simply adorable. no questions asked.
chaos- i simply cant get enough of it.
it keeps me motivated, inspired, and driven to create

but of course sisters and pony rides
Bucky, Merlin, and Bee have been enjoying their long hot summer, but some fall
i will be venturing more and more to whip them into shape.

-carrie fagan


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This weekend has been filled with glitter and gumballs, dollar poems and overalls. we kicked off early Friday afternoon with some last minute crafting. My house was a complete wreck, yet well worth the colorful disaster. My partner in crime is finally back in town to hustle some goods on the street. Artwalk proved to be a success! Friday night Lily and I enjoyed a salmon wrap and cranberry turkey burger with fresh cut sweet potato wedges while listening to stand up comedy and bluegrass... just sitting in our booth , Lily typing poems, while I sat next to her chatting with the passing crowd. ARTWALK was a huge success, and I look forward to helping out again next year.

My friend KJo came in town to help me out with the kids area, she was a mastermind face painter, filling all sorts of requests from unicorns to race cars, Siberian tigers and peacock feathers.

The kiddos loved her zesty flare and talent.

Here are a few photos of our booth set up.
I did something new to display our earrings and hair clips. You can barely see it on the photo @ the bottom, but I hung old windows to divide the space a little bit. I stretched wire between the frames where I busted out the glass, and got some tiny clips from Hobby Lobby to attached the goodies. This really cleared up plenty of table space.



Monday, September 5, 2011


If you live in Birmingham, come visit Lily and I Friday & Saturday
@ Art Walk . We will be set up downton on Morris Avenue, next to the stage and kids area.
Lily will be back in full force with poems for a dollar, and we both will have plenty of artwork, jewelry and random trinkets.

Friday 5-10pm and Saturday 12-6pm

Here is a little blurb to convince you even more to come check out this incredible event!

Artwalk is an arts festival that transforms Birmingham's loft neighborhood into an arts district, featuring the work of more than 100 visual artists, live musicians, street performers, food and drink vendors, and children's activities.

Through the good will of area businesses and the work of a dedicated staff of volunteers, Artwalk hosts established and emerging regional artists in the unique and architecturally rich setting of downtown Birmingham. Art lovers will see original work in all mediums priced from the affordable to the extravagant. Participating artists are predominantly from Birmingham and surrounding communities, showcasing the wealth of regional talent.

Porch Lights a magical night

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This past weekend, a couple of my friends and I hosted an end of the summer art show/party. Porch Lights! There were over a dozen artists set up in a beautiful historic home in downtown Birmingham. The house was alive with color, people, food, music and dancing. Raphael moved all of her furniture from inside the house, and sprinkled it throughout the wrap around porch and front yard. The night was breezy, sangrias were in hand, and twinkle lights consumed the fallen sun. It was a splendid night overall.

1. handmade shoulder bags
3. terrariums by Joanna
4. more succulents and pretty things
5. porch filled art splendor
6. painted silhouettes
7. wreaths with a whimsical twist- by Kendall
8. delicious treats. compliments of me!
9. Rachel Eden art
10.plenty more splendor.
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