you are beautiful.

Friday, December 31, 2010

a simple photo shoot from a cold cloudy day.
Bemma you da best!

lurv you too Dily.


i then continued to tie random red balloons on cars.
it was great.


a simple snow.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Alabama pulled through pretty nicely last minute. and let it snow! all day the flurries fell through the blistering cold. the first full snow of the year so perfectly placed on Christmas day.

full bellies i have from gathered family and friends. full thoughts as well of meaningful gifts. this Christmas has been quite a splendor of surprises and affection. so share with you i will a bit of a poem i received from a very close friend.

these words do mean more than boxes or bows.
tied up in phrases, gifts of the thought.

Not unlike mountains

Not unlike mountains
an unwavering boldness
with a core that penetrates stone

Not unlike the arrow
sifting through unwanted targets
for home

not unlike the moon
with empty newness
and waking fullness
only to rebirth again

not unlike the deserted soldier
whose treacherous young heart
fights brave quick battles, yet
not meant for the vastness of war

not unlike the ocean
with shallow depths
come deep awakenings

not unlike the apple
forbidden sweetness
with a crisp to your liking

not unlike the winds,
she binds,
she floats,
she dances.

She is not unlike mountains,
but more importantly
she is the true girl who will
be to be.

-christian becraft

chest of fairytales- a favorite illustrator

Dil and i catching the tiny bits of snow. when we were younger we gathered bowls and bowls of snow to store for the rest of the winter. why you ask? well, to make snow cream of course. the snow however never quite kept it's consistency. you think we would learn after a year or so, but we still packed the freezer with bags of melting snow.

snow cream:
2 handfuls snow
1 handful sugar
6 drops vanilla.

mix and enjoy. you get the idea.
quite a splendid treat.

i wish everyone a splendid new year.
i hope it is filled with laughter and thrills.


i miss this.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i have been playing a disappearing act of sorts.
how i have missed.. snapping shots of my mind, and sharing in time.
but for now i will simply just wait.

in the process of updating my entire technological bag you see.
a working computer. an existing camera.
i am so close!

after holiday cheer, full bellies and stories
i will return with big news
i promise none boring.
but for now i will share with you a story book of secrets
tied in knots of course in ETSY wishes and desires...


a few books i found from a used book store recently.
pop up limericks... look it up (such an incredible gift)
also. Chilean street art. an immediate favorite.

with soon to follow. new year hopes.
site launched.
new tools to blog.
camera & computer
a trip to Europe?!
studio shops opening

oh and i get a kick out of this at work.
learn while you play!

another find i thought today.
i have an inkling for watch hands, keys, graffiti, and small boxes.

do have a happy holiday.
see you in the new year.

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