New Glasses and Cuckoo Clocks

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Check out these AMAZING glasses I found at the thrift store on Saturday. Well, my boyfriend Gavin really found them, but somehow I seem to have them in my possession. If only I did NOT have 20/20 vision. I know this sounds bad, but I really am jealous of those who get to wear glass. what an adorable accessory!

I like to think up stories of where my thrift finds come from. These particular glasses came from an old man named Freddy. Freddy lived in Selma, Alabama. Freddy had a pretty wife named Sue, and two wonderful children named Petuna and Angie. Freddy was a blueberry farmer by day, and a cuckoo clock creator by night. He needed these very specific glasses to see the tiny nobs and buttons on the clocks. They served him well for 45 years, and now they happen to be in my possession.


Here were some of the Cuckoo Clocks Freddy fixed!

but this on ETSY!




Do you ever make up stories, or think of who owned your vintage beauties before they were vintage?


  1. Love the glasses and your idea of a story behind them!
    I always think about where my finds may have come from and who may have owned them. Makes me feel like I own a little bit of history :)

  2. Hi !
    Im Victoria, this is my first time here and I already LUV your blog...I will totally add you to my "blogs i love" list!!

    ...have a great day!

  3. Cute glasses! I have only just found your blog and I LOVE it! Love those cuckoo clocks too!

    Please come visit my blog sometime -

  4. boo. i hear you. wish i needed glasses(but only a little).

  5. You look so sophisticated in glasses :)

  6. Love the glasses! Suit u well...Damn 20/20 vision lol.
    I stumbled upon your Blog by chance, but I love it already! sooo homely here.

    If you like to visit me
    (polish )
    and my newest english one
    cheers from Australia

  7. Those glasses + your face = perfect match!


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