poems for a dollar.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My lil sis lily decided to bring one of my typewriters
to the market to sell poems for a dollar.

I cannot even begin to tell you how big of a hit this was. There were people lined up just for a poem from lil. It was crazy. The poems were pretty clever very much like Dr Seuss mixed with cheezy hallmark cards. The idea was you pick a topic, and she writes a snippet of a poem. Here is one she wrote for some old man looking for a gift for his girlfriend.

I don't want to buy you something cheezy or corny.
so I wrote you this poem, which might just make you horny.
my hopes and my dreams
all revolve around you
and if you leave i will cry
and be ever so blue
so stay baby stay
please stay just for me.
I will take you away, we can sail on the sea,
you will see, have some tea,
your the pod to my pea,
stick around for good times,
fun for you, fun for me!


This is proof of the last weekend at Pepper Place. It could not have gone better. One of my best friends Emmy traveled up from Florida to visit for a bit. We kicked booty at Pepper Place, then hopped over to the Greek Fest for some falafels and Greek doughnuts. There was also a film festival going on this weekend so we headed to the beautiful Alabama theater for a very interesting/creepy film about a family who taught there kids that cats were the devil and they were kept in their home learning improper meanings for words and interactions.

Check out a little more about Dogtooth the film here.

I hope your having a SUPER week.

a few purple crazies.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


ill share a few pics from them antique stores we stopped by in Atlanta, GA. Lily and I (my lil sis with the purple hair) seem to get lost in thrift stores and antique shops. We usually find ourselves taking more pictures for art ideas, than we do buy items.Lily found this super cool paper mache fox head. It was a little too pricy, but most certainly going on my craft list.I felt inspired to share with you a touch of one of my favorite colors.

Purple never really goes out of style, and it just seems to match everything right? well almost everything. I would have to say one of my absolute favorites... the elf jacket. Beautifully crafted from recycled sweaters. I keep reminding myself that ONE day I will create something very similar with all of the grungy sweaters I have kept over the years. I cant seem to throw away anything these days.

ALSO. do you like the new tape accents? I finally found someone who offers them as freebies. Check it out here.This gal has oodles of other wonderful goodies.

I hope everyone is having a splendid week. I am most certainly looking forward to this weekend. It will be my last Pepper Place craft weekend, and my BEST friend EMMY is coming to visit.
Oh boy things are gonna get crazy.

oh. and i am thinking of redesigning my blog again.
why? you ask. well i just like change.

Before and After a beautiful sitting device.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Everyone is guilty of keeping ugly furniture...determined to reach the day when you will make it pretty. I usually purchase one too many chairs at a thrift or estate sale determine to fix that wobbly leg, or slap a fresh coat of paint on the rustic wood. More often than not, they sit unchanged for weeks or months until I finally get a sudden urge to fix something.

This lucky chair was actually my roommates. She brought it back from her dorm days living in Auburn. When I saw it I immediately knew it was in need of a little TLC. Someone had obviously attempted previously to fix the poor thing. It had hand painted moss green splotch paint (disaster) and a really awful stained gray colored upholstery finish.

I have been keeping this hand stitched butterfly wall hanging for a little over a year now. The frame was broken and I could never find the right size to fix it. It has certainly been put to good use. I simply detached the round cushion and stapled the new butterfly stitch fabric on the stool. I next painted the metal chair a fresh coat of zesty yellow. These colors work beautifully in my kitchen.


The chair now proudly sits next too a stack of old suitcases and some fresh garden flowers
in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy.

a little bik obsession.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As some of you may know i do not have my own car. I am 22 and have never owned my own car. It is quite amazing actually that i have made it so well this far. I have depended on friends, family, and of course my amazing bikes. Well, I have finally almost saved enough to buy a car, but instead all I can think about are the incredble bikes I could purchase. Everyone would be jealous if I got one or maybe a few of these. Bikes really are the greatest, my only wish is to live in a city that is bike friendly. Birmingham is most certainly not that place...not to mention the unreliable public transportation. I envy all of you who live in a city where bikes are the norm and public transportation is a must, unless of course you do not take advantage of it. Then you are just plain silly. I will still share a few of my favorites...and some that I just had to pass up. Enjoy.

2010 Classic 7 Deluxe Schwinn Cruiser

A little touch of color.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I have almost finished arranging my new house. I have recently acquired a new roommate, my best friend Christian, and we have been packing, cleaning, arranging, styling, and enjoying our little house at the top of the hill. Our styles are very different, but somehow it just works. I tend to enjoy brightly colored and chaotic furniture, lamps and curtains, while Christian more enjoys the classic shabby chic type style with light colors and floral print.

here is a little preview.

If I had to compare our sense of styles to a book or movie, Christian would most certainly be some sort of Jane Austin novel (Pride and Prejudice to be exact), while I would be better compared to Jennifer Anniston's character in Along Came Polly very sporadic and lost at times. We have managed quite nicely though. I cook, Christian cleans, I tweet and blog on my computer, Christian reads a novel, I blare Cloud Cult and Radiohead on my Ipod, while Christian listens to Frank Sinatra at an acceptable tone on her record player. A perfect combination right?

our little kitchen window.

Z kitchen

Mr. Buddha

lavender mantel display. smells SO yummy.

i hope you enjoy.
I am super excited this week. My little sister comes back in town! She can finally help me prepare more goodies for this weekends craft fair at Pepper Place.

Happy Monday Everyone.

Cupcakes Cobbler and Notebooks

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This past weekend my friends and I celebrated Labor Day. To be honest we could not have asked for more perfect weather. It was a constant 84 degrees, and there was not a cloud in the sky. All of my closest friends drove up to meet in Birmingham at my Lake house in at Inland Lake. A few highlights of the weekend included a GREAT new card game i learned called Dutch Blitz, if you are not familiar look it up.....it is great.

It was also two of my friends birthdays. Ray and Rhami both received some hand made goodies from Gavin and I. I made Ray a handful of crafted notebooks, and a mustache, and Rhami got one of y favorite journals. There was cupcakes, M&M's and cobbler galore.


Above is a little sneak peak of part of my new display for the buttons I have been making. I recently purchased this dress form for only 10$ from craigslist. Wow...I love craigslist. I also started something new. I made SCRABBLE magnets to sell at the craft fair. They were a huge hit, but I need to sell them as groups of letters and words instead of just individually. I displayed them on an antique tool box I found in my grandfathers closet. Alright and one last thing.

I have just been introduced to the new crazy flavors of M&M's...and boy let me tell you the dark chocolate, pretzel and coconut M&Ms are oodles of goodness in your mouth. just trust me on this one.

Anthropologie Semptember catalog

Friday, September 3, 2010

I have fallen in love with the interior designs of the new Anthropologie magazine. Too bad they are crazy expensive, yet I can still dream. I adore anything patchwork, and eccentric colors and styles really make me happy. Their new September issue is most certainly drool worthy. I will be sharing a few pics of my newly renovated home after my much needed vacation at the lake this weekend. I hope everyone (in the states) has a very happy Labor Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

incredible... I love the simple wallpaper.

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