stylish grub

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

blueberry & raspberry tart 
with vanilla bean ice cream 

Kind of how tall skinny glasses makes that $5 wine taste better, and honey is cuter in a honey-bear... Food photography simply blows my mind. 
top of the list this year for me- is to cook, capture and share. 
I admit I have some high standards- these guys below are total pros! But you have to start somewhere right?!  
it starts with by scouring thrift stores for colorful, elegant & tacky kitchen wares; scoring the perfect concrete counter top, elegant mismatched silverware, and spring flowers to spruce up the delicious grub. 
i like things messy- i like it colorful and almost accidental. 
I started with a #GRUB Board on Pinterest. 
Let these little luscious nuggets inspire you too! 

crispy coconut french toast with sour cherries and dark chocolate

A few other favorite sties to get your taste buds watering: 

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