May I own this car.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Could I just maybe put a "for sale" sign on this car? She is quite the beauty. I spotted her a street over from my house. I could not resist getting out and snapping some pics.

Gavin and I are headed to New Orleans this weekend to visit his family. We are stopping by Pearl River Blues to pick some fresh blueberries. We went last year and have been waiting until the berries are ripe for picking this year. We hope to pick at least 3 lbs. and freeze them so we can have blueberries throughout the year.

Don't forget to stop by my shop and check out all the new items. Remember 15% of all purchases this month will be donated to The Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund.

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone fond of picking blueberries as well?


  1. I found you from the Freckled Nest :) You are a doll and yes, I love that car! Off to check out your fun shop! :)


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