Happy Monday- eat your veggies and buy local!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Monday Everyone!
I have been so busy this weekend. I came home to visit some family and relax a little. Gavin is out of town:( so I have been keeping myself busy. He took the camera to Boston, so I wont be able to share pics from the garden...but if only you could have seen the feast my little sister and I shared for dinner last night. We went out late Sunday afternoon to pick tons of veggies from moms garden. Here is a small list of the goodies we gathered:

new potatoes (red and golden)
onions (red and yellow)
purple cabbage

and what did we make you ask?
A delicious soup of course!

But you don’t need a farm to grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. You don’t really even need a garden, check out some of these neat tricks to grow your own veggies, trust me they will taste WAY better than the ones in the store.

I tried to find some pics of super pretty gardens, maybe to convince someone to start to grow there own veggies.

(look at the pretty glass covers for the lettuce)


Look its a roof garden!


Oh and here are some super funky accessories for the garden,
found on etsy




anyone have any secret recipes or tips for the
veggies we picked? I adore new recipes.
I'd love to add it to my recipe box.


  1. so cute. love those garden markers!

  2. im about to do this so im glad you posted this! i have an apartment so im going to be extremely limited on space! thanks for the ideas!

  3. What an improvement over your Sunday evening "omlette"! Certainly better than those fake crab cakes!! Wish you could have shared some with your Nana(:

  4. Okay, those gardens are beautiful. I think I may try the shelve like garden next year. I've tried and tried to start a patio garden and I kill it every year because I travel too much. I end up just going to the farmers market. Which is good because it's local but still. I adore adore your blog. I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. Now following. :)


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