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Friday, September 16, 2016

thoughts on L.A. but first, doughnuts

ok, I have been in the city long enough to cover this subject, somewhat thoroughly. 8 months an Angelino, and the drivers license (+ plenty of parking tickets) to prove it! A transplant from Birmingham, only now do I fully understand the gratitude and love for a city and way of life I (for now) left behind. However L.A. and it's bustling chaotic embrace have a variety of incomparable perks. So here's to exploring a new home!

A post a week, my 10 favorite things about L.A.

#1 doughnuts. let's be honest did you expect anything less?

    Blue Star in Venice, get the lemon poppyseed now, thank me later.

    Randy's Doughnuts | apple fritter & regular glazed

    California Doughnuts | your Instagram is itching to capture this.

    Bob's Doughnuts | i mean, look at this stand, the long johns are key.

    Fonuts | because gluten free is like water in L.A.
    wait we are in a drought, I mean like plastic bottles, or cars #oof!

    Donut Friend | DIY doughnuts with toppings like basil, cayenne pepper & lime cream

to be continued, still plenty more to try. 

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