tangled glass and fractal veins of fall

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tangled Glass
The world has sat, frozen, for centuries.
 It does not think to make the right move, merely

moving in the direction it is going,

slowly forming into what is necessary.

 What belongs slowly sliding in place
natural, cozy, perfect.
 Something tells me this world is hiding something.
 I don't know what it is, though I try and uncover.
But what I relinquish
 I always am indebted for,
 and what I control
 is always unpredictable.
 So I sit and wait
and try and comprehend
hoping one day
I will uncover the mystery.
-Lily Reeves

The changing fall foliage never fails to surprise and delight me. I constantly find myself pulling aside on the road to pluck a few bursts of color from a tree. I was simply stunned by the color and capacity these leaves held. Birmingham, AL had such a beautiful fall... so I thought I would share a taste.  Chlorophyll: the green color that dominates and masks out the colors of any other pigments that may be present in the leaf, which results in some fantastic fractal like veins of intense color. 
thanks nature.

up up & away

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I can never pass up a D. Droukas video/photo project. 
IMG_3798 IMG_3780 IMG_3782 IMG_3777

So when he texted me on a Wednesday afternoon...
Droukas:Wanna help me put a camera 300 feet in the air
ME: Is there a getaway vehicle involved?
Droukas: Duh! You in?
ME: Absolutley, 5pm my place 
And this the the results:
Thanks D for the fun. 

Studio 2300 Open House

Monday, October 1, 2012

Studio 2300 had their first open house a few nights back.

Faculty members in the UAB Department of Art and Art History and the College of Arts and Sciences celebrated the opening of 10 new artist studios a few nights back @ Studio 2300. 
What  a beautiful facility filled with some talented folks. I am more than a bit jealous of their expansive space, filled with every tool, brush & trinket imaginable. Yet, one of the best quirks of the space is the vast open windows/walls that line each studio. Not that you ever stroll down 7th Avenue South, but if you find yourself in the neighborhood, be sure to pass by the studios and take a sneak peak. There's total transparency, literally and figuratively, you can see straight through into a handful of the 10 studios. Thus far, the studios have remained spotless, we'll see how long that lasts. 

Snapshots of the studios below: 
photo 5 photo 2 (1) photo (38) photo (37) photo (39) photo (40)


Monday, September 10, 2012

photo (38)
I was fortunate enough this weekend to coordinate the KIDZONE for Artwalk, among many ideas I had one in-particular that deserved a proper test run..an interactive art experience a.k.a collaborative birds nest. I may have been inspired by an event I have been preparing for @ BMA. Our last summer series Art on the Rocks was themed around the city's yarn bomber. She ended up covering an entire SMART car in a splendid car coozie that would make any granny drool. Check out the photos here!

Too often kids art activities are focused on a single work that can conveniently be taken home or worn & tucked away or forgotten in mom's purse. I had something different in mind, the supplies were simple, yarn and sticks, the end result- a collaborative and vibrant bird's nest. I encouraged the volunteers to engage with the kids and have them think about this creative process and how it could not be possible without the support and talent of plenty of others. It was awesome to watch the kids interact with each other, sharing techniques and stories on where they collected their stick and how they were making it their own. Sharing and communication seems second nature when you put a pile of sticks and yarn in front of eager kids. I loved every second of this weekend. It also gave me a great idea of a larger scale piece I want to work on. More to come of course. 
photo (47) photo (44) ARTWALK photo (41) photo (40)
This was an example of one of the other kids area projects: OK, my "test" run was not exactly G rated, but I simply had to use the awesome Adam & Eve cartoon clip I found in the New Yorker- what a great magazine. I will also certainly be making plenty more of these. No worries- the kid's magazine cut-outs were all butterflies, stripes & bumblebees. I am all about practical and recycled art! 
photo (42)

Sidewalk Film Festival 2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 14th annual Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, a celebration of new independent cinema in downtown Birmingham took place a couple weekends back. Since its debut in 1999, filmmakers from across the country and around the world have come to Birmingham to screen their work at Sidewalk and have been thrilled to discover fresh, enthusiastic crowds eager to devour new independent cinema. 

Damn, this year was a success. 
What a great opportunity to enjoy Birmingham's increasingly vibrant downtown area, not too mention some fabulously talented filmakers, actors & film enthusiasts. 

A few highlight from this weekend (excluding the films of course) included:
A stunning sunset from the to of the Kress Building during the VIP pre-party. 
Spontaneous appearances from Charlie Chaplin himself. 
Melodie's fantastic strawberry blonde updo! - see below. 
Breakfast feasts by ROJO & endless supplies of Avondale beer! 
Also, a few stellar new friends conveniently located throughout the states...
just incase a travel or two is booked for the future. 


So, I can't truly vouch for the films I missed, but I will give a decent effort to list a few of my favorites, and wildly reviewed films. With some luck, you'll be able to find a few of these on NETFLIX or iTunes.
 In no particular order! 

When Simon's brother is arrested for armed robbery, he is asked to commit a string of copycat crimes in an attempt to get his brother acquitted. Caught between loyalty to his family and his own will, Simon is forced to examine his life.

The latest from Sidewalk alum Craig Zobel (The Great World of Sound) is based on the true story of a man claiming to be a cop who calls a fast-food restaurant and convinces the employees to detain and victimize one of their co-workers.

SUpporting Characters is an entertaining buddy-comedy that provides a glimpse inside movie industry while exploring human relationships and examining the familiar search for financial and romantic security. Director Dan Schechter delivers a film-centric tale that does not alienate a humorous exploration of relationship dynamics. 

There have been a number of eye-opening documentaries about the abysmal state of our food supply system over the last few years, but Eating Alabama, a new effort from University of Alabama professor Andrew Beck Grace, takes a more personal view of the problem. By making the core of the film about one pair of families’ quest to eat only food produced in Alabama for a year, Grace, who teaches a class on documentary filmmaking, makes personal an issue that can often feel distant in the urban environment of Birmingham. Eating Alabama also serves as a celebration of the people who have made a difference in the sustainable food movement, and as a kind of eulogy for the dwindling number of small farmers in the state. 

Nate is an aspiring film student on a journey of self-discovery. Margaret is kind of going through the same thing except she’s in her fifties and wants to be a stand-up comic. They are best friends and support each other through thick and thin. When Nate meets James and falls in love for the first time, their friendship is put to the test as Margaret struggles to deal with the idea that her best friend has found someone new in his life. Nate and Margaret is a sweet and fragile film about friendship, love and the idea that you’re never too young or too old to find out who you really are.

A taste of NYC

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

NYC I finally made it to the Big Apple. What a damn interesting city, you could visit for years, and discover something new each time. I was on the fence, about actually being able to live there, we'll see if that ever changes. For now, I'll share a few photos from the trip and mention a few "must sees" I stumbled upon in the city. Word of the wise for those Alabama trippers- dudes specifically, you WILL stand out if you choose to sport the typical polo, KAVU shorts, croakies & loafers- and not in the way you would like. On the up side, I found myself staring @ all the beautifully bazaar dressed ladies and gents. Not to mention the occasional curly haired kiddo & dog with a T-shirt or stud collar. Seems almost like pups were stretched as an accessory of sorts. You know... I'll wear my sneaks, bow tie & sneezing pug today. People watching on the subway will keep you entertained for hours. I will share some sneaky ritzy outfit posts later next week sometime.  

Lil Dilly bean accompanied me, and I was thrilled to catch up with best friend Emmy. I seem to follow her to all the interesting cities. 

Alright- roughly top to bottom here were a few of my favorite sites/areas. 
2. Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton Street - bow ties perched right outside. 
5. The High Line Park - Manhattan 
6. Tomoe Sushi- Manhattan 

That should be all for now. Like I said, all of this was done in one day.. Imagine what you could do living there! Heres to hoping for another visit very soon. Always more to explore. 

Carrie Fagan 

Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 A few snapshots to wrap up this beautiful Memorial Day weekend. A quick visit to Nectar, some mexican grub with friends, and a spotless clean house!! I am ready for the week ahead.
Happy Tuesday everyone! 

Carrie Fagan 

Cinco de Mayo!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

CINCO de MAYO celebration in Cabbage Town, GA. Festivities: watermelon margaritas, full roasted pig, more avocados than you can count, pink lemonade hooka, cut off shirts, the biggest pot of beans I have ever encountered and one sassy 3 yr. old named London whose dance moves rivaled MJ.
It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends, exploring street corners, jazz in the street and some killer salted drinks. 
Always nice to get out of the city, and explore a new nook with some dear friends.
 Kuddos to a beautiful weekend. 
ATL...I will be back !

Doo Nanny- Seal, AL

Monday, April 2, 2012

One large tambourine calus, a burning vagina (wooden sculpture that is), talented new friends, vivaciousrain storm, cappuccino and caramel rum, and some dancing tunes started off the weekend @ Doo Nanny.

This festival never fails to impress and amaze me. Being only my second year to visit, the Nanny sprouts, and quite frankly boasts, an incredibly engaging and talented group of southern (and northern ha) folk. From the raging artists and cooks, adorable kiddos in overalls and duck boots, wigs and feather clips, and some filthy feet, I left Seal, Alabama energized in anticipation of next year.

It seems like escaping the daily routine really jump starts your thoughts and creativity. Lily and I were surrounded by some quirky and sincere friends this rainy weekend. Here are a few photos to prove it!

If you do not know of Butch Anthony, or the Doo Nanny, I invite you to take a peak, and even tag along for a weekend next year that you will never forget. Not to mention Butch's house...everything seems to have it's perfect place. The overlooked, the discarded, the forgotten- it all gets transformed into a handcrafted colorful oasis. Something you simply have to see to believe.

Jewelry to be sold @ Doo NanNy!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

If you haven't bought your ticket, or booth, or just HAVEN'T HEARD, then get on it.
This is THE BEST THING you will ever do in Alabama!!
Doo-Nanny Festival March 30-31st - Waverly Alabama
Camping, ArT, music, Scultpure bUrN, Bizarre people, good FoOD!
These items will be up in the SHOP soon.
But, until then, check out the video below....

Doo-Nanny Festival is held at folk artist, Butch Anthony's home in Waverly Alabama,
check out the ETSY video below for a sneak peak.

Butch Anthony's Museum of Wonder from Etsy on Vimeo.

girl with the big head.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This was a little taste of my excursion a few weekends back.
We thought it fit nicely in this field on our way back to Birmingham, the pond and fog was irresistible to snapshot. We walked a solid 300 or so feet carrying this large head, across a field, to a pond. If they were to look out their window, a confused fright would have set.







found sketches

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Check out a few sketches I found rummaging through stored moving boxes at my old house. These drawings were done by my talented uncle, James Ogle in 1992. I would link to some of his current work, but I cannot find anything online. I also stumbled across some artwork of mine from kindergarden up until present day, that deserves a post in full & massive art project for 2012. I will explain more very soon.

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