Holiday Craft Bazaar

Sunday, November 28, 2010


this week i will be getting ready for the
5th annual Holiday Craft Bazaar!!
Lily and I will be located at Bottle Tree.

Please come visit us!
You're sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone.
So mark your calendars.
Get all of your holiday shopping done early, all kinds of hand-made goods made by local artists at great prices.

Friday 3rd 5pm to 9pm
Saturday 4th 10am to 4pm
Sunday 5th 11am to 4pm

hope to see you there!

care to join?!

Friday, November 26, 2010

it is quite an incredible feeling to get mail. It is better when you know this mail does not contain either
a. a bill
b. useless coupons
c. alumni letters...also asking for money!
(WHAT? are you kidding i have not even paid of my student loans, and you think its funny to ask me for more money?!)


I adore getting mail.
I have been pretty bad recently about sending it,
but oh boy do i love receiving it
(I'm thinking maybe a new years resolution in the works email, just MAIL!)

I once thought it would be a really good idea to have a few pin-pals.

if any of my pin-pals are reading this, i am profusely sorry i have not written you back. (you guys are sitting nicely in a vintage suitcase in my craft room) i pull this mail out often, laugh and smile as i read it, and then get distracted and forget to write back. one day you will receive something really great, that makes up for my lack of quick response.

OK so here is the BEST part.
if you would like to take this adventure with me.
i promise you wont be disappointed!
i am cleaning out my craft room, and stock of
vintage clothing/knick knacks and i feel that it would
be interesting to pass it around to like minded crafters.

i only ask for one thing in return. some sweet tunes.
(or anything weird, unusual, unique to you!)

so... you send me a mix CD of your favorite songs , and I will send you the most random mix of crafty/vintage materials you could imagine.

if you are interested.
please email me:

ps. new blog name. Reeves & Fagan.... will explain plenty very soon.


(photos compliments of the world wide web)

it is all relative

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lets be honest , art repeats itself. If you try and tell me that all your artwork is original, then your just being silly and naive. You drew inspiration from someone, something, one moment, a thought, or a passing person with bright blue shoes. It does not matter really, where or how you found it, all that matters is the satisfaction in creating it.


To me, everyone is an artist, whether you abuse this right, or simply don't acknowledge that its true, i wish and hope to believe that everyone strives for a meaning in their lives. it can be as simple as doting your I's with hearts, or wearing the color purple three days in a row, you are expressing yourself in a way that influences emotions and senses.


Have you ever looked up the definition of art? Well, I will share it for you here. Art is the product or process of deliberately arranging symbolic elements in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions and intellect. (thank you wikipedia)

I often tell many of my friends that art is my religion. This is a bit broad, and a great excuse to get out of a long Jesus/religion debacle, but in a sense it is very true. I have a faith in art. Just like others have faith in their religion.


I compare emotions, people, instances, imaginations, circumstance and morals in relation to art. Reading this you might be lost, somehow it makes sense to me. Making judgments of value requires a basis for criticism right? Whether you are classifying someone as being an artists or a christian, the criteria to be considered as such is completely relative, and in most instances your own personal judgment.


a penny for your thoughts?


So relax, and create! no matter what it is or how you choose to express yourself, just don't be afraid to do it.
but if your a little afraid at least support those who create for a living- the local artists, musicians, performers.
this just might bring you a little bit of happy.


(the pictures above are graciously taken from the world wide web, i have to be honest, i have quite a large collection of photo/idea inspirations. so I cant give credit to whose work this is, but it is not mine,and I am simply borrowing and sharing it for selfish purposes) more thing. I am changing my blog name and url.... i promise you guys wont get left behind... just a little warning, sometime soon there will be a big blog reconstruction project. I was never really satisfied with the i simply have to find a name/style i will actually stick with. we shall see....


Create it. Because you can

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bippidy bop.
sorry for the lack of posts. I have been missing my blog like crazy.
its been a fluster of a ride these past few weeks.
Oh what a chaotic delight.Between craft shows, sister sister visits, attempting and failing at buying a new car, workshops, crafting, and crazy mothers... my life could not be more complete. Now i simply have to prioritize, something I can honestly say I have a little trouble doing.
can you spot my bight blue front door?? it makes me smile every morning. I dunno what it is about bright blue, it just makes you giggle.

Just a short recap.

I got a JOB woo!- my boss and coworkers are truly a delight to work with... and I really love what I do... so i consider myself very lucky.

I am still meeting some pretty interesting people in the HAM - all good news! i'm hanging with lil Dily every chance i get. as seen below- poems for a dollar. genius. I don't really see the older sis much. i need to make time to do that.


This past weekend was one of the most rewarding and exhausting craft shows I have ever done. By far the best part was bartering some goodies off to other VERY talented artists. Ill have to share some pics of my sweet trades. one of which included an amazing tooth brush bowl. with two squinty eyes.

I am finding that I have very little free time, between job and crafting. I terribly miss my friends and I think sometimes i might scare new ppl off a little because I just want to badly to find someone to relate to... tricky. thats for another day though.
did i mention i went to a Beautiful concert the other night. If you have not heard of the Punch Brothers, then man you are missing out. they are truly amazing, beautifully talented boys!

side note...
i have so much to look forward too. I am still determined to open my community craft center, and connect crazy talented artists all over this town. until then. i will diligently work toward staying happy and spreading creativity any way I can.



alright so get this. my lil sis is cray talented. and she just so happens to have a super inspirational rhyming mind. Her poems are a perfect mix of Salvador Dali and Dr. Seuss. I will share a couple with you below, these guys were written at her poems for a dollar stunt. She made about 24$/hr. no joke.

pure talent.



I just got an anonymous letter in Z mail.
susch a horrible and incredible idea.

i am pretty sure i will try this with sketch books!

ok then.
miss this.
chat soon!


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