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Sunday, October 23, 2011

So I have a few Ideas for my halloween costume... this may sound a bit crazy.
I have to be clever. Halloween is huge! OK not really, but I just want for one year to think of some savvy original costume. This is the best I have come up with.
My only requirements are that I wear a wig, and it not be blatantly obvious who i am dressed as. One year I was a Harajuku girl, and it was a blast, yes wig involved, and insane striped tights. Well this year, I found this truly magnificent wig on ETSY (see photo 1) and i really want to incorporate that into my costume. SO, I am going to be a Japanese raggidy Anne doll/harajuku street fashion lady... still working on how im gonna make it happen...

Kentuck Festival

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some things are just worth the wait! This weekend Emma and I drove down to Tuscaloosa for Kentuck Arts Festival. Heavy on the folk art side of things, the festival features regionally renowned artists like Butch Anthony, Lonnie Holley and Charlie Lucas. My favorite happens to be the freshly made kettle corn and lemonade. Yes, it costs you an arm and a leg, but I assure you, money well spent.

I have visited this festival for three or so years now, and each year i find myself brining home something new. Besides greasy fingers (from the kettle corn) and a few Amos Kennedy prints, this year I picked up a dotten platter collage by Elane, which is currently perched snugly beside the unnecessary amount of vintage trinkets Emma and I scavenged from
thrift stores on the trip home.

OH! I have some music to impress.
The Jompson Brothers, played for a bit as we strolled through the booths @ Kentuck, and hot damn the lead singer had a pretty voice. I do recommend you listen.

something old

Monday, October 10, 2011


The poetry has expanded to weddings! What better way to share and enjoy written thoughts and rhymes than with those closest to you. This was the perfect atmosphere for typed poetry...pretty people, plenty of wine and cake, and velvet couches.
The suitcases were stacked,the ribbon was crisp,and the accordion whistled throughout the background.
Thank you Angela and Stephen for a beautiful night!
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If your interested in "something old" typed poetry at your wedding let us know!

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