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Sunday, October 31, 2010

some people are just so darn talented these days...
for real... i could get lost on the internet searching through blogs/paintings/etsy/design sponge...now if only i could bring everyone here to Birmingham... it would be like a craft party everyday.

(picture above)
ha... confused? this is the start of a new project. the broccoli will be transformed into wearable art.. i promise to keep you posted. but hopefully they will be incredibly GReat!

here is a hint.

now you can always be healthy....
and thought i would share some sweet finds.

purple print

lucious space

incredible outfit....

can i please get married here.

gosh darn this weekend was funky.
full of Halloween candy, horse back rides, and beautiful weather.
i was a little bummed.. i went to Sams Club to stock up on some candy... and i only got TWO tricker treaters...(HUH?)... that is what i get for living at the top of the hill:(

now all of the candy is nicely scattered throughout the house...
OH and I got some super sweet finds from the thrift this weekend.

good times.

alright so if you were not already aware i found TWO really great blogs....
here they are.... (kind of amazing)

also... does anyone have a favorite illustrator on ETSY...
I'm looking to buy some prints for my room.

Just another Waste of Time

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I think it has been past due time for a watch. I have never worn watches religiously. My sporadic self usually finds a broken watch at the thrift store, wears it for a week or so, then realizes that is quite silly because it does not even work. Yes I often wear watches that do not work. It is just hard to justify paying 45$ to fix a watch that I payed 2.50$ for. So I have finally decided to break down and buy a very beautiful custom handmade watch.

ETSY watches

I just cant quite understand the trend of those goofy looking huge crystal watches with brightly colored plastic bands. I honestly thought I liked them, until I saw everyone and their mom wearing them. They even sell them for like 20$ at those awful kiosks in the mall.. NO thank you
I would NOT like a watch that 3/4s of American women own.
I also like to support etsy sellers whenever possible.

but when not possible- i go for the other end of the spectrum Japanese watches!

Here are a few other options....
do you see the trend? maybe i should just get two!

retro green watch

lime green watch

bright yellow!

super duper

so which is your favorite? I'm leaning toward the super duper!
Have a great weekend!

Holi Color Celebration

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Gavin does nothing normal. So naturally for his birthday he wanted to celebrate in a very unique way. the main goal... to please and delight as many people as possible with incredibly delicious home cooked food, vibrant color powder extravaganza, and a simple in kind donation to none other than your everyday goat giving organization.

this sounds absurd. but is completely normal in Gav's book. A birthday is for celebration, but MR. Giving G took it a step further, he wanted to raise money for someone a bit less fortunate than himself. He asked for donations at his bday party to be put toward an organization (sorry i forget the name) which provided livestock (GOATS) to a family in need. Success? i dunno yet. i still owe him 20$ but a kick booty idea if you ask me.

the celebration was quite a splendid event. generous portions of squash casserole, chick pea salad, and banana raisin bread pudding with espresso chocolate sauce. YUM! and of course HOLI POWDER.

here is the prezzie Dily and I made Gav for his Bday...
still a work in progress.
his own personal creepy shrine.

to say the very least. the food was yum. the friends were a delight. and the colored powder was sweet!
Happy Birthday Gav.

Fall Sale. and pumpkin time.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

(read more below)

Fall is officially here. This means I'm feeling a little generous!
I have carved one pumpkin, worn plenty of sweaters, and eaten one too many pumpkin flavored deserts already.

This October has been filled with oh so many surprises and changes for me. I have officially settled into a new city. I recently got a truly inspirational and rewarding job. I have met so many new friends, oh and did I mention HALLOWEEN is just around the corner?

let me simply explain.

I accepted a position at Mitchell's Place, a comprehensive treatment center in Birmingham for children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Job title: Development Associate, basically organizing and helping with fund-raising events and conferences as well as development goals for the school. The staff has been so welcoming and encouraging, and the kids are simply an inspiring delight to be around. I am very excited to be joining such a wonderful team.

so on to more super news... Everything in the shop will be 40% off until the end of October.
the discount will be reimbursed when you check out.
you MUST send me a message which reads: 40OFF please!
(excludes shipping prices)

I am trying to clean house a bit to get ready for fall crafts and holiday parties.

and i have so many ideas running around in my head for Halloween costumes... first on the list Poison Ivy. i just really want to either a. wear a wig...or b. be in complete disguise.

hope your having a super splendid fall.
sorry for the lack of posts recently.
my life has been wow busy.

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