Porch Lights a magical night

Sunday, September 4, 2011


This past weekend, a couple of my friends and I hosted an end of the summer art show/party. Porch Lights! There were over a dozen artists set up in a beautiful historic home in downtown Birmingham. The house was alive with color, people, food, music and dancing. Raphael moved all of her furniture from inside the house, and sprinkled it throughout the wrap around porch and front yard. The night was breezy, sangrias were in hand, and twinkle lights consumed the fallen sun. It was a splendid night overall.

1. handmade shoulder bags
3. terrariums by Joanna
4. more succulents and pretty things
5. porch filled art splendor
6. painted silhouettes
7. wreaths with a whimsical twist- by Kendall
8. delicious treats. compliments of me!
9. Rachel Eden art
10.plenty more splendor.

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