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Monday, September 26, 2011

A magical place indeed. This past weekend I drove up 22 hrs. with my little sister to Salem Art Works in Salen, NY. ALabama sent us off right with some stormy rain and hovering clouds, and greeted us back with such. Minus the 50 hrs. of driving I will share with you a snippet of SAW.

This art hub nestled in upstate new york is certainly a gem of inspiration. The entire place is busting at the seams with creative ventures. The whole concept of SAW is a live in artists community, the director Anthony describes it as a place which enables artists to exchange ideas and techniques in a communal setting, which in return brings learning and personal growth. Perception of art is always colored by experience, and is necessarily subjective, this weekend broadened my limits of aesthetically satisfying art forms.

This place gave me a boost of motivation to further pursue my endeavors in spreading the arts education in Birmingham. I left refreshed and overwhelmed by a blissful drive to create ...always remember to capture every opportunity that comes your way, say what you think, act on what you feel, do not let hesitation or doubt cloud your ability to react.

So, here it is SAW...

it's days like today that
inspire me to walk farther
to breathe deeper
to scream louder
to spin faster
to fall harder
to smile wider
to play more
to laugh louder
to walk barefoot,
to get my hands a little dirty.
and not care a cent.


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