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Sunday, September 18, 2011

It has been a bit of a lazy weekend. i have had some quality sister and relax time since Friday. I finally got around to updating my booth @ urban, and unpacking my car from artwalk (it only took a week...geez)

The weather has been beautiful, fall is certainly quickly approaching. So, I have taken a few snapshots of things that make me giggle/smile, these things were supposed to relate to the upcoming breezy season, but no need to tag them to a certain season, these thoughts bring wide grins all year long.

pretty self explanatory but i suppose i can explain.
cozy attire- sweaters, tights, long scarves and high socks.. all inclusive really i can finally cover up my pale complexion, since i managed to hide from the sun all summer.
feathers- i admit. the whole feather phase has been a bit extreme, but they ar simply elegant
and so cheap. you can jazz up any outfit/room with a few feathers.
boots- oh goodness thrift stores here I come, because i refuse to pay
over $25 for a pair of shoes. geez am I cheap or what?!

frames- you put a piece of artwork in a white or black frame and it automatically becomes stylish. not to say raw edge pieces aren't pretty too, but I am past the days of push pins and tiny nails. I'll foot the bill for a more clean look :)
couples- this couple is simply adorable. no questions asked.
chaos- i simply cant get enough of it.
it keeps me motivated, inspired, and driven to create

but of course sisters and pony rides
Bucky, Merlin, and Bee have been enjoying their long hot summer, but some fall
i will be venturing more and more to whip them into shape.

-carrie fagan

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