Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This weekend has been filled with glitter and gumballs, dollar poems and overalls. we kicked off early Friday afternoon with some last minute crafting. My house was a complete wreck, yet well worth the colorful disaster. My partner in crime is finally back in town to hustle some goods on the street. Artwalk proved to be a success! Friday night Lily and I enjoyed a salmon wrap and cranberry turkey burger with fresh cut sweet potato wedges while listening to stand up comedy and bluegrass... just sitting in our booth , Lily typing poems, while I sat next to her chatting with the passing crowd. ARTWALK was a huge success, and I look forward to helping out again next year.

My friend KJo came in town to help me out with the kids area, she was a mastermind face painter, filling all sorts of requests from unicorns to race cars, Siberian tigers and peacock feathers.

The kiddos loved her zesty flare and talent.

Here are a few photos of our booth set up.
I did something new to display our earrings and hair clips. You can barely see it on the photo @ the bottom, but I hung old windows to divide the space a little bit. I stretched wire between the frames where I busted out the glass, and got some tiny clips from Hobby Lobby to attached the goodies. This really cleared up plenty of table space.


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