Pretty Dress Update and thoughts

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It has been a little tricky recently for me to be motivated about posting vintage to my shop.I have SO many dresses and oodles of funky purses and shoes... just little time to take Z photos
....and lack of a model. Yet here they are regardless.

I really appreciate seeing photos of the clothing on a model when I purchase online, so you can really understand the style and fit. I try my hardest to post pictures of clothing being modeled. This happens to be my newest model Lily.

Ok, so she is my little sister but you would not believe how many photos I had to take just to get 5 decent ones. I swear she was twirling around in the dresses like a little girl playing dress up...and then she attempted to take some to wear that night. ha you gotta love her though.. full of energy.

I cannot wait until I move and get everything organized so I can post on a regular schedule.
I hope everyone is having a splendid Tuesday.
It is very hot here in Tuscaloosa, so I am staying inside writing letters and getting packages together for my new pin pals.


  1. i love dresses! these are gorgeous!


  2. those are great photos! i know... it's hard to get motivated. and really hard to coordinate photography on a model. i used to have a vintage etsy shop and i was horrible at the model thing. i never styled anything or made it look really does take a long time. so i applaud you, i think they turned out really cool!

  3. I love all those dresses! The photographs and styling looks great!

  4. yay for pin pals! I am excited! :) your new dresses look beautiful!

    love, the littlest polly

  5. just wrote your letter. you might need this to understand some things....

    love, polly :)

  6. those dresses are so pretty! your sister did a great job modeling them. stumbled upon your blog and i love it! now your newest follower. happy to meet you!


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