Indian Inspiration

Monday, July 26, 2010


Happy Monday. Today I have been inspired to post a few vibrant Indian themed treasures and recipes.Indian food and style has always captured my attention, my little sister and I combined own a handful of super comfortable Indian wrap pants, as seen above. We also share a passion for Indian cuisine. Yesterday Gavin, Lily and I visited our favorite Indian restaurant in Birmingham, Taj India.

Taj India offers a buffet style lunch so you can sample a handful of different dishes each day. I would have shared a few pictures of my meal, but we were sitting in a very dimly lit room, therefor all you would see is darkness. So instead I included my favorite dishes and a really great site for some recipes, over at Sailu's Kitchen.


  1. Wow, this tree of life floor is amazing!
    These colours are so inspiring...
    Thank you so much for your nice message on my blog:)

  2. I like this inspired post :)
    definitely very pretty to look at!

  3. thanks for checking out my blog. :) i love yours! these indian things are so pretty. <3

  4. I see you have the I Trade Handmade button on your blog...let me know if you wanna do a trade!! :)
    xo, Jamie

  5. That floor is amazing... how did she glue the leaves down? would your friend mind sharing the process? I would love to re-create something similar.

    Thanks for including our skirt in your post!


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