The Most Unusual Gift

Monday, May 17, 2010

I have a hilarious story you must read, and pictures to follow. Yesterday my talented friend Mary Moody took the time to sketch me up. Mary is a fashion designer and beautiful model, and she has plenty of other pretty drawings here.Well, I got a phone call from Mary yesterday right after I saw this beautiful drawing. Mary said she had just recently picked up something very unusual and would not tell me what is was, but she said If I wanted it I could have it. I thought maybe it was some old jeans or funky grandma dress for my shop, but no. It is even better.

She pulls up in front of my house gets out of her car and opens the trunk. Sitting quietly in the back was a greenish mannequin in what looked to be curled in a fetus position. She grabs the mannequin out of the back of the car, as I am laughing, and hands it to me.

I simply love that I am the first person she may think of to give this very unusual gift.

I have named her Trixy.. Soon she will sitting in my back yard overgrown with moss, flowers and vines. At least I hope this will happen. But for now she is sitting happily on my couch.

I love it! Thanks Mary.

I am hoping that one day she will look a little something like this.


But for now. she stays sitting on my couch. oh goodness.

What were some of the most random gifts you have gotten? Does it beat mine?


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