Jazz Fest Nola

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This past weekend I drove down to New Orleans with Gavin to visit the family. We initially planned to visit Jazz Fest, enjoy some good tunes, food, and art. However, we both quickly realized that since it was the last week of school we had TONS of work and studying to do. We ended up selling the tickets, dropping off Gavin's lil sis at the fest and heading to a small coffee shop to get some studying done. Well long story short we ditched the coffee shop to do a little thrifting! It was even Gavin's idea! I found tons of goodies, and now I am convinced that New Orleans does have a few great thrift stores. Thanks to Goodwill for opening up a HUGE store right down town. I must say though, America's Thrift store is still my favorite.

Here are a few pictures from our dinner. Crayfish and Shrimp of course. We had to indulge before the awful oil spill ruins all of the yummies.

This guy was delicious!

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