DIY- Upcycled Tie Necklace

Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Morning! I am still sick, so I have more free time to spend on crafts. Today I will show how super simple it is to take your dad's, boyfriend's, or brother's outdated ties, and turn them into a super funky necklace. It really easy and only take about 25 minutes tops!

Who says girls can't wear ties??


Here’s what you’ll need:
* One stylish tie (the more outdated the better)
* Sewing Pins
* Scissors
* Sewing Machine
* Thread (multiple colors)
* Button of your choice


1. Lay tie out flat, with the fat side starting on the left.

2. Fold accordion style so that you overlap the tie forming it into a rounded frame.

3. Be sure to pin each layer together as you work so they do not come apart.

4. Keep in mind, the more angled the fold is the more of a curve the necklace will have. I have made them several different ways, and I will show you what I mean.

5. Fold between 8-13 folds depending on how long or short you want the necklace to be. Be sure to remember to leave enough unfolded tie to fit around your neck.

6. Start sewing the end of the tie necklace at the skinny side.

7. Sew (zig zag) over the curves of the tie. If you prefer for the stitches to be hidden, pick a less vibrant stitch and match the thread color to the tones in the tie. I LOVE the vibrant stitches, which is why I usually put about three different colors.

8. Attach the small end of the tie to the fat with desired button. (I can never decide)


9. Your finished! Now go show off your spunky creation to its previous owner. These necklaces look best with a simple white tank top or low neck shirt.



  1. Brilliant! I am so inspired I am going to try one right now! Thanks!
    And thanks for commenting nice things on my blog earlier :-)
    xoxo, Jenya

  2. oh thats so cute! very unique. i like it!


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