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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Very very soon I will be moving back to Birmingham, which is very exciting because I will be able to decorate again! This means my very own home, and actually being able to drill into the walls. I have been gathering some photos for good storage ideas and other random bits of inspiration.
Above you will see my attempt at making my craft room look clean. Really I just push it up against the walls because I have run out of shelves and drawers, and space in general I guess.
Some of the pictures below are my favorites. I like to pick out parts of each house and make it my very own. So, a couple of my most anticipated ideas include: (but are not limited to)

1. camera storage

I have about 9 vintage cameras which I have been trying to figure out a way to display. I am now on the look out for wooden boxes which hang from the wall so I can place my cameras on. SUCH a great idea.

2. brightly colored walls and raw wood shelves.


I cant quite decide if painting the walls a bright color like this salmon will be too overpowering? Then again all white walls are a little boring unless you have tons of frames and artwork to fill them with.

3. cozy bathroom yes please!


Alright lets be honest. Who wouldn't want to have this as their bathroom. With so many pretty things to look at while you do your business. hehe. The bathroom would become almost a haven for inspiration!

4. white wall shelving.


I'm not quite sure how expensive this may actually be to install but I love the idea of floor to ceiling shelving. It is not only practical, but it can also become your own personal storage box. Which may even change with your mood from day to day, or week to week. Also, it couldn't hurt to have an amazing vintage bike on display!

5. elaborate mantel


This one simply speaks for itself.
I hope you enjoy my ideas.

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  1. That bathroom is amazing! It kind of makes me wish mine were smaller...which is weird. Your craft room is more organized than my office will probably ever be. :)


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