St. Petersburg, FL

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


1. Junkosaurus- the coolest yard art ever.
2. attempt at posing for the camera.
3. Alaskan Tacos- all you can eat deep fried tofu tacos Ybor, Florida.
4. my very first pro baseball game. GO RAVES!!
5. smiles all around.
6. funky vintage shop. and attractive sign.

7. more of Ybore with a little Cuban flare.
8. i could have paid $5 to stand in poop and feed ravenous birds. no thanks.
9. absolutely no words.
10. rainbow on happy America day!

I had a week off from work and visited St. Petersburg FL with my friend Emmy.
It was a long 10hr. drive, but we survived with a little game called categories,
and the 90's station on satellite radio.
A few of my favorite moments (not shown above) include:
biking was as easy as pie, every road shared a bike lane, without a hill in sight.
this is not your typical beach destination.
fireworks from the pier!
i would have snapped a photo , but i do not trust myself with
expensive equipment that close to water.

and of course my creepy sperm & egg painting.
do not be alarmed.. it looks better than it sounds, i will share SOON!

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