summa time

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A few to do items on my summer list.

1.paint some rocks.
2.squeeze and fridge jello in orange halfes, then eat! um hello, super funky idea!
3. have some old glass marinara sauce jars lying around? find some spray paint and make
your own stensil! i am totally doing this very soon.
4.drink a lot of wine? this is WAY better than any cheezy cork board.
5.stack a few tin cans... now i just have to find a drill.
6. well i forgot the actual #6, but that braid is so sexy! now i need an extra set of hands
and possibly some eyes in the back of my head to pull that off.
7. grey is the new pink!
8.OH felt buttons, i will share some of my own collection very soon.

All images were taken from Pinterest... a virtual pin board, a place where you can create collections
of things you love and "follow" collections created by people with great taste.
prepare to be amazed. click below.

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