Freckled Horse & Rolling Rock

Saturday, July 9, 2011


My dad's birthday is Monday, and I have been contemplating what to make him. Recently, I came across a few of our Indian Princess items. If you are not familiar, Indian Princesses is essentially a themed girl scouts troop, with your dad, minus the cookies. My younger sister and I were in Indian Princesses for a solid 4 or 5 years, around elementary school.
A few of the highlights were:
constructing a potato gun from a PVC pipe
(like I said, themed girl scouts... so this would be the nature bit?)
box car derby racing... my car ALWAYS won, my dad is sort of an engineering genius.
yellow snow- the name of one of the indian dads.
camp fires and s'mores at the annual tribal campout.

SO, in honor of Indian Princesses, and my incredible dad I created
Freckled Horse & Rolling Rock (our indian names)

Native American Indian
Native American Indian

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