Monday, September 10, 2012

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I was fortunate enough this weekend to coordinate the KIDZONE for Artwalk, among many ideas I had one in-particular that deserved a proper test interactive art experience a.k.a collaborative birds nest. I may have been inspired by an event I have been preparing for @ BMA. Our last summer series Art on the Rocks was themed around the city's yarn bomber. She ended up covering an entire SMART car in a splendid car coozie that would make any granny drool. Check out the photos here!

Too often kids art activities are focused on a single work that can conveniently be taken home or worn & tucked away or forgotten in mom's purse. I had something different in mind, the supplies were simple, yarn and sticks, the end result- a collaborative and vibrant bird's nest. I encouraged the volunteers to engage with the kids and have them think about this creative process and how it could not be possible without the support and talent of plenty of others. It was awesome to watch the kids interact with each other, sharing techniques and stories on where they collected their stick and how they were making it their own. Sharing and communication seems second nature when you put a pile of sticks and yarn in front of eager kids. I loved every second of this weekend. It also gave me a great idea of a larger scale piece I want to work on. More to come of course. 
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This was an example of one of the other kids area projects: OK, my "test" run was not exactly G rated, but I simply had to use the awesome Adam & Eve cartoon clip I found in the New Yorker- what a great magazine. I will also certainly be making plenty more of these. No worries- the kid's magazine cut-outs were all butterflies, stripes & bumblebees. I am all about practical and recycled art! 
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