Doo Nanny- Seal, AL

Monday, April 2, 2012

One large tambourine calus, a burning vagina (wooden sculpture that is), talented new friends, vivaciousrain storm, cappuccino and caramel rum, and some dancing tunes started off the weekend @ Doo Nanny.

This festival never fails to impress and amaze me. Being only my second year to visit, the Nanny sprouts, and quite frankly boasts, an incredibly engaging and talented group of southern (and northern ha) folk. From the raging artists and cooks, adorable kiddos in overalls and duck boots, wigs and feather clips, and some filthy feet, I left Seal, Alabama energized in anticipation of next year.

It seems like escaping the daily routine really jump starts your thoughts and creativity. Lily and I were surrounded by some quirky and sincere friends this rainy weekend. Here are a few photos to prove it!

If you do not know of Butch Anthony, or the Doo Nanny, I invite you to take a peak, and even tag along for a weekend next year that you will never forget. Not to mention Butch's house...everything seems to have it's perfect place. The overlooked, the discarded, the forgotten- it all gets transformed into a handcrafted colorful oasis. Something you simply have to see to believe.

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