Fancy Shop Update for Fall

Monday, August 30, 2010


This update has been a long time coming. I have finally gotten a chance to squeeze in a photo shoot in order to update items for the end of summer and beginning of fall. There are really some exquisite pieces in this update. As you can see I have two new models, Christian (my roomie), and Emma. Both wonderfully beautiful ladies, it was so easy to get some great shots.

This photo shoot was quite an adventure. The pictures were taken at my moms house right next to her chicken coop haha. And let me tell you.... we were getting eaten up by mosquitoes!! Ill share a few pics with me taking pics and sporting those silly bug repellent fans. They actually work! The shoot was great fun, and I am so excited to have my friends helping me out.
All of the items will be up in The AppleSeed by the end of today! I hope you enjoy.


  1. Great items! The photos are great :)

  2. Great selection and lovely photos! Your shop looks wonderful! Hi by the way, I'm semi-new to your blog, but I look forward to following regularly now! :)

  3. cute items and photos, i will be browsing! we have also greabbed your button :)

  4. i love these items! I wish i fitted into half of these fabulous things! And suited them! I love the style!


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