Crafty Monday

Monday, August 9, 2010

My goodness things have been busy around here. I have almost finished moving into my new house, I just graduated this past weekend from college, and I am preparing for a 6 weekend long craft booth extravaganza, oh...and applying for jobs of course. I had an interview last week. Fingers crossed (it is an incredible position).

I have so many stories and pictures to share of what I have been working on these past two weeks. Only today I finally cleared out enough space in the craft area to get some work done. My little sister is living with me for a while as well, and we are getting very creative on ways to store all of our overwhelming crafts supplies. We are literally storing brushes and paints in the kitchen, for lack of space, and all of the tin cans and wood pieces in the dining room.

It is pretty funny unpacking with Lily. She thinks everything...and I mean EVERYTHING should be displayed. I have caught her several times rummaging through boxes and setting trinkets and tin cans on the mantel and tiny shelves. I keep having to take them back off and hide them in desks and drawers so the tiny house does not feel so cluttered.

I have also been babysitting my cousin two days out of the week, and used the opportunity to craft with her. We made the most adorable caterpillars and lady bugs out of recycled egg cartons. Ill share some more pics of crafts we are doing later on this week.

Did I mention I have been craving green tea frappuccinos from Starbucks? I normally despise all things Starbucks, because of their extraordinarily high prices, and overpowering nature to the local unique coffee shops, but once you try this you will be hooked.

I am currently searching for some green tea matcha to purchase offline, so I will not have to pay $4.85 every time I want a green tea frapp.Does anyone know a good online store to buy tea?

This week is crazy for me.
I hope everyone has a splendid Monday.


  1. I have never had a green tea frap. I'm addicted to iced sugar free nonfat caramel machiattos. I pretty much get one every day after I go to the post office. It's sick. I agree about the high price and I'm a super huge fan of all things local especially the local coffee shop. But I live around 10 miles away from the local coffee shops in our city so I have to do with starbucks for now until it gets cold again and then I just make my own coffee. Wow this is a long comment about coffee. :)

  2. that little girl is so cute!!!! and that sounds sooooooo tasty! i think for lunch i'm going to head over to starbucks and get JUST that!! mmm!


  3. Congratulations on graduating! Good luck with your job search, I've been doing one for the past few months, as well. The waiting game SUCKS, but at least we have crafts to hold us over, right?

    Very cute caterpillars, I think my mom has a few in the attic from when I was younger! Another fun project is making cows out of a milk carton, juice box, and four TP rolls :) Paper mache wonders!

  4. Congrats on your graduation and best luck with finding a great job! =D



  5. Congratulations on graduating! That's awesome! And best of luck with the job hunting. I hope you get the one you want! :) 6 weekends of craft booths? That sounds awesome! And like a lot of work. But it will all be worth it! :) Cute caterpillars! Haha. =

  6. graduatinggggg! we did it! i want to come visit your house asap.


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