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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Here is a sneak peak of my new craft room. I am still working on filling the walls and getting a few more shelves for organization, but it is almost there. Today I made the garland that you see hanging around the ceiling. It was super simple, and practically free. Every time I visit the hardware store I snatch a handful of paint samples. I have been hoarding them for a while now. Today I finally put them all to good use.
I present to you a FREE and simple paint swatch garland DIY.

Handful of Paint samples from the hardware store
leaf stamp
sewing machine.

cut the paint swatches into even triangles
stamp each with your favorite pattern in any color
sew together
hang and enjoy.

(only takes about 30 min)

oh and one more thing.
if you ever try to make recycled crayons.
DO NOT use an iron skillet.
so silly on my part.

iron skillet= ruined here is my beautiful mess

It was a good idea, I just figure I need the bendable chocolate molds
so the crayons will come out easier.

I will keep you updated on attempt #2

what is your favorite craft mistake?


  1. My favorite craft mistake is when I tried to sew a bird and stuff it with cotton - I was at my friend's house and she did it in less than 10 min. I think my bird still remains not sewn with cotton overflowing out of the seams.

    Did you have my bird?

    I like the paint swatch idear? I might try it! I wanna come see your hiz in B-ham :)

  2. This is so cute! i absolutely love it! i'm on my way to your shop right now to get something super cuteeee!!!

  3. oh wow!! that is a very beautiful mistake!!! you could defiantly frame it! :P i love with mistakes turn out wonderful... hehe

  4. i LOVE your beautiful mess! It's adorable!

  5. I love your craft room! Thanks for the tutorial. :) I actually have a bunch of paint chips sitting next to me! Haha. Bummer about your iron skillet.

  6. Ooo you could have taken paper and just dipped it on top of that mess and come up with beautiful paper! I love how that looks anyway :D


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