Thrift store regrets.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If you don't shop at thrift stores, I highly encourage you too.They are cheap, delightful, and there is always something new. Just get over the dingy smell, and dim lights. Just remember to wear a skirt, because most thrift stores do not allow dressing rooms.

I have a strict budget when I thrift. I do not allow myself to spend over $10 on any one item. This sounds crazy I know, but unless I am searching for something particular I really have to limit myself.
Occasionally however I deeply regret leaving some purchases at the thrift store.

The one item that you will never find again, but just barely breached my $10 limit? I regret not buying those items every time I leave. So, the ones I left behind I always take a picture to remember them by.

Here are a few I wish I would have bought.

Green couch $70 (above) This wonderful couch can now be found at The Bottle Tree. Birmingham, AL

Collection of Recipe Boxes $25

Matching squirrel jars $11

All together $13. These just did'nt make the cut.

End table $25. I really wish I would have bought this pretty item.

Amazing canisters. $18

Dont let your thrift store steals get away!

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