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Monday, February 22, 2010

I found a new favorite blog. sfgirlbybay
She is a San Fransisco based blogger, hopeful photographer, design junkie and bonafide flea market queen. Victoria smith is her name and she is an editor/writer of sfgirlbybay, one of the West Coast’s leading interior design blogs, featuring new product reviews, shopping tips, including art, photography and design resources. This blog is great. I only just stumbled upon it today.

I can only aspire to have my blog as organized and enticing as hers! It will get there i promise, slowly but surely.

But for now I would love to share a few of my favorite finds from hers.

These are wood and wool stools. Made by Ingred from recycled wood, and amazing crochet skills. You can also check out Ingrid's blog here.These are wonderful, insanely practical, and she also makes blankets, hangers, and pillows.

And here, a stylish way to store your drinks and glasses. A DIY project it is actually super easy. I just might try it sometime soon.

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