First Professional Hair Cut in Years.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To be honest, I am a true believer in DIY. Naturally the crafter in me believes that do it your self hair color is exactly like do it your self painting. very wrong. For years I have attempted to die, cut, style, and primp my hair to my exact liking. It was not until recently that I died my hair black. very bad idea. It is quite near impossible now, to dye it any other color.

This is where I remembered the 1/2 price cut and color at TERALANE.
It was wonderful. Jen, my hair stylist, and new personal stylist assured me this too could be fixed.

Seventy five dollars later I was on the road to recovery!

Needless to day I loved the feeling of a new cut and color, fresh from the stylist. It is true, it really cannot be re-created at home.

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