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Thursday, January 1, 2015

i look forward to focusing on being more mindful, present, and enthusiastic about the the people, projects & passions in my life in 2015. i have a hard time being present, always thinking about what to say next, learning new skills/crafts/art, where to travel, who I can meet, it's a constant roller coaster of emotions chasing after experiences, a crave i've have my entire life- thanks dad. 
i stretch myself thin, and at 26 i've not yet found the best way to detach my enthusiasm from every little colorful enticement that crosses my path. a crave that has burned me several times, but has also opened up so many doors. 

my  2015 goal is to train my emotions, mind & routine to be present. there is no simple remedy, but i'll keep you posted where this goes. so on to looking back! enjoy these instagram pretties that inspire and entice my mind & eyes. 

instagram lovelies: (click on photos for ink) 
“It started as a means to capture the way fashion and art interact and inform each other…I want to educate readers about art through the lens of fashion," she told the New York Post. When she isn't working full-time as an interior designer, she spends weekends on marathon gallery hops around New York.
Buried Diamond
Buried Diamond is designed and operated in Brooklyn, NY. The brand started in 2011 as a line of playful eyeball necklaces, and has grown to offer signature charms & necklaces, resin rings & bangles, textiles, and apparel. 
Jenny Holiday 
Designer, artist, author, blogger, collector & foodie from NJ. I was first struck by her delicious doughnut and pancake cut-outs, yet discovered so many other beautiful pink, plush and bubbly designs. 
A community of collage and mixed media artists with a gallery/blog that features selected artists and their work. I've always been drawn to collage work- this is the perfect platform to discover new artists.
Simply love her cooky colorful style and experimental products, her ready-to-wear clothing and accessories are created in limited editions that coexist with an ongoing series of paintings and sculptures.
2014 brought my nephew Gaiam Evren Colomer into the world! i had no idea i was capable of loving a little human so much. such a warm and familiar feeling, almost as if he were mine. it's still hard with my sister living in Denver, and me in Birmingham.  Chrisy and i have grown so much closer since little G man has come into our lives. SHe has taught me so much about being a mother. I am constantly impressed with her patience, creativity & love in raising him. 
i am so excited to celebrate his first birthday in 2015.
soaking up the Jesús Rafael Soto instillation at Chicago Art Institute. 
can't love these two enough. 
tickled they came into my life. Ann and Wassan I adore you! 
Jeff Koons at The Whitney Musuem of Art with Dily Bean. 
my new roomie and bestie Stephanie Granada. 
So grateful for her patience, enthusiasm for life, and cleaning skills! 
I couldn't ask for a better fit. 
Ai Wei Wei exhibit at Alcatraz
catching up with a dear friend in my favorite city! 
Prospect New Orleans with BMA. 
with Ann and some Nick Cave sound suits. 
#Nola #catsmeow oh goodness. 
hosting parties at the new casa in Highland Park
meeting SO many new friends, i love playing southern hostess! 
Brooklyn Glass
Dily had her (almost) first gallery show in NYC
It was a learning process, but we met some killer folks along the way. 
starting my year, where it ended. 
daily cups of green tea with wethreebeeks honey! 

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