B'Ham outings in Bessemer with the Bean!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the thing is, people would probably prefer looking at pretty pictures, than hearing me ramble. 
so! i'll keep it short. 
Lily and I went out to Bessemer today, it's a little town west of Birmingham- with plenty of abandoned colorful buildings, and hand painted window signs. 

we ventured out to the fair grounds, thinking it would be a fun backdrop. nope! only concrete- no bulbs, or leftover signs, or colorful poles. all concrete. 

the point of today was to have fun! 
we didn't use all of our PARTY CITy props (confetti, bubbles, more balloons lol) 

isn't it fun to just do something for the hell of it. 
i miss having dil' bean around to venture into spontaneous trips. 

in this next year i'll be doing one creative project a week, i will post them here. 
keep smiling

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