peanut butter sweaters

Monday, August 4, 2014

life changes. shit happens. 
the shit you try to avoid at all costs. but can't. it just happens. 
you just deal with it, the best way you know how. 
i've been inspired recently. with the little things. the small encouragements. 
a silly doughnut app on my iphone, the cutest drool bubbles and smiles from my nephew. 
i've had lots of smiles, and a few good cries in these past couple of days. 
and it seems everywhere i turn i get to download my personal tid bits with someone. 
 people are so damn curious, especially when you don't care for them to be. 
 but verbalizing anything makes me feel better. it becomes real. 
connecting with friends is truly a gift, and connecting with sisters is just a dream. 
seriously i am so lucky, and so thankful every day. 
my little sister told me something yesterday. 
naturally it made my mind twist a bit. she was referring to a real frustrating situation. well, i think. 
it might seem petty in the grand scheme of things. 
but that moment, oh that moment, it was the end all. 
her perspective was just damn spot on. 
she said "it's like trying to put a peanut butter sweater on a rabbit" 
i mean shit. that girl cant splat out the most random and inspiring nonsense i can't handle. 
but it made me laugh, and stuck in my mind. 
thanks bean. 
some situations are just akward, sticky and flat random. 
sometimes your emotions get the best of you. 
and sometimes you look back on a day and it brings a huge smile to your face.
 it was just one of those days. 
i forget how much i like this blogging thing. 

photos below can be found on my Pinterest.
I cant be bothered to link today. 
(no images actually mine!) 


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