Sister Love in DENVER

Monday, May 26, 2014

Not a single day passes I don't miss my sisters like crazy. It's funny- I didn't realize how much I depended on them, until they both moved out of the HAM. Lily Reeves, my younger sister, found herself in Alfred, NY pursuing her artistic endeavors, blowing glass, pouring iron, writing poems, per Dily Bean usual- kicking ass!!  Chrisy, my older sister moved to Denver, Colorado last year with her boyfriend Esteban. Denver is perfect for them, it's like everyone follows a silent code of eating organic, recycling, loving mother earth, and biking everywhere you go- they love it! I loved it- the mother betsy in me was all about it! 
This past week, was one of the best in my life! I spent an entire week with BOTH sisters, a rare jewel these days. My older sister Chrisy recently had her first child, Gaiam Evren, the Denver way- medicine free, home water birth (wowza).  It's kind of magical spending time with them both (Chrisy & Esteban)  she is an incredible mother, so patient, loving, just a touch OCD, and always nursing, haha. 
Gaiam Evren is 7 weeks old, he is the perfect little monkey, making smiling faces, crossing his eyes like a goob, sleeping on your belly just at the right times, and taking every kiss you send his way.  On top of all my baby love- we spent the week exploring Denver! Here are a few favorite moments from the trip! I can't wait to go back, and already prepped a bucket list fro my return. 
Shiny Food Fever Clearance- LEON (he was fun!) 
Lina Tagliapietria- incredibly intricate and beautiful glass! 
 The stellar shops on Broadway 
My beautiful family! The hugs, the baby kisses, the horrible jokes and smelly farts, the messy rooms, and love of art, the patience, the love, these are my sisters & donuts from VOODOO! 
The Denver Art Museum - currently showing Modern Masters
The word art and colorful acrylic below are by Rupprecht Matthies 

¿Being Home?, Denver Art Museum, Colorado, USA 2009/2010

The cutest lil Gaiam Evren at 7 weeks old. Had I stayed for longer, this series would have gone on for years! It was fun capturing all his many outfits, facial expressions and interested. I love him so! 
And of course my two favorite parents with the cutest little boy I ever did see. 
Love you and moss you all everyday! Move closer to me so I can spoil that boy! 
-Carrie Fagan 

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