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Friday, November 26, 2010

it is quite an incredible feeling to get mail. It is better when you know this mail does not contain either
a. a bill
b. useless coupons
c. alumni letters...also asking for money!
(WHAT? are you kidding i have not even paid of my student loans, and you think its funny to ask me for more money?!)


I adore getting mail.
I have been pretty bad recently about sending it,
but oh boy do i love receiving it
(I'm thinking maybe a new years resolution in the works email, just MAIL!)

I once thought it would be a really good idea to have a few pin-pals.

if any of my pin-pals are reading this, i am profusely sorry i have not written you back. (you guys are sitting nicely in a vintage suitcase in my craft room) i pull this mail out often, laugh and smile as i read it, and then get distracted and forget to write back. one day you will receive something really great, that makes up for my lack of quick response.

OK so here is the BEST part.
if you would like to take this adventure with me.
i promise you wont be disappointed!
i am cleaning out my craft room, and stock of
vintage clothing/knick knacks and i feel that it would
be interesting to pass it around to like minded crafters.

i only ask for one thing in return. some sweet tunes.
(or anything weird, unusual, unique to you!)

so... you send me a mix CD of your favorite songs , and I will send you the most random mix of crafty/vintage materials you could imagine.

if you are interested.
please email me:

ps. new blog name. Reeves & Fagan.... will explain plenty very soon.


(photos compliments of the world wide web)

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  1. This is a completely awesome and lovely way of getting new music!


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