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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As some of you may know i do not have my own car. I am 22 and have never owned my own car. It is quite amazing actually that i have made it so well this far. I have depended on friends, family, and of course my amazing bikes. Well, I have finally almost saved enough to buy a car, but instead all I can think about are the incredble bikes I could purchase. Everyone would be jealous if I got one or maybe a few of these. Bikes really are the greatest, my only wish is to live in a city that is bike friendly. Birmingham is most certainly not that place...not to mention the unreliable public transportation. I envy all of you who live in a city where bikes are the norm and public transportation is a must, unless of course you do not take advantage of it. Then you are just plain silly. I will still share a few of my favorites...and some that I just had to pass up. Enjoy.

2010 Classic 7 Deluxe Schwinn Cruiser

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