Before and After a beautiful sitting device.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Everyone is guilty of keeping ugly furniture...determined to reach the day when you will make it pretty. I usually purchase one too many chairs at a thrift or estate sale determine to fix that wobbly leg, or slap a fresh coat of paint on the rustic wood. More often than not, they sit unchanged for weeks or months until I finally get a sudden urge to fix something.

This lucky chair was actually my roommates. She brought it back from her dorm days living in Auburn. When I saw it I immediately knew it was in need of a little TLC. Someone had obviously attempted previously to fix the poor thing. It had hand painted moss green splotch paint (disaster) and a really awful stained gray colored upholstery finish.

I have been keeping this hand stitched butterfly wall hanging for a little over a year now. The frame was broken and I could never find the right size to fix it. It has certainly been put to good use. I simply detached the round cushion and stapled the new butterfly stitch fabric on the stool. I next painted the metal chair a fresh coat of zesty yellow. These colors work beautifully in my kitchen.


The chair now proudly sits next too a stack of old suitcases and some fresh garden flowers
in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy.


  1. I love it! I have never thought of using wall art for chairs. Very inventive!

  2. carrie that is sooo cool! i love it, and the vintage suitcases

  3. That is really pretty!
    And the suitcases are lovely!


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