Finding a Thinking Spot

Monday, January 19, 2009

As I sit jammin to an unknown British band my friend conveniently added to an unknown gifted mix CD, I am quite perplexed with my frenzied inability to achieve a desired level of concentration.

I have successfully discovered yet another seat on this colossal campus to rest my tush, which not only aids in the distraction process from my well neglected school work, but interestingly enough it somehow bestows a particular feeling or emotion into my hectic flow of thoughts. One grand purple-crushed-velvet chair perched in an empty room is all one could possibly need to feel swayed from any important online art history lecture.

I get a sense of power, a simple care-free spirit I embrace in an open empty room. I feel almost as if my noggin is in overdrive to fill the empty room with creative juices, thoughts and feelings. It is a spare moment to let your brain teach for a change, instead of mindlessly soaking up numb information like a dirty sink sponge which will only be tossed to soak up the pieces from the next singed cheese omelet, or in my case the incredible CS202.

Where? do you ask does this noggin relaxing chair exist... If I said it would defeat the purpose of you finding your own eccentric retreat! S0 as dreaded as burnt breakfast food may sound, I can always find a simple squat or a kneel in a medium of choice where my brain and butt can take an unwind.

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