The Ease of Mood Tunes

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Too often than not I am caught in a situation of a partial Helen Keller! With my hood up blocking the blistering wind, while rocking to some Jason Mraz I happen to bike short of an old friend. As awkward as I can only imagine I look to others, trying to cover every inch of my body with any available article of clothing I struggle to squeak out a "HEEEEEEY how was your break", or "CUTE SHOES, we lets grab lunch sometime".

But not today. Today I most certainly encountered my very first bike catastrophe. A switch of tunes occurred almost unexpectedly from the thrifty sing-along "Everything"-Michael Buble, to "Forever" by Ben Harper. I began to reflect on my recent travels, relationships and of course my vast present reality. It is amazing how one particular song or tune can reenact an exact moment in time, can fully bring you back to a distinct cloud nine, while other melodies may inevitably strike a a Titanic burst of tears.

This certain song experience captivated many of my necessary biking senses. My eyes went from scanning the quad as to not slam into oncoming students to enjoying the the foliage even in the dead of winter. My hands went from attempting to cycle an unswerving line to hastily snapping to the rising tempo. I was so easily distracted I forgot all about speed, control, and direction. Who really needs those skills biking? Long story short I face planted onto the frozen pavement. I have some killer discoloration on my knees to show for it!

"People spend so much time every single day running around all over town giving their forever away, but no not me i wont let my forever roam, now I hope I can find my forever home."
- Ben Harper

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