Chinese New Year & Spring Sprucing

Friday, January 31, 2014

I am considering this Chinese celebration as an opportunity to give my condo a fresh renovated start. Chinese New Year literally translates to Spring Festival. This is my attempt, or at least first step to spring cleaning and renovation! My mission- to finally fix up/ clean up/ art up the condo!
My Pinterest board has grown from ideas to obsessive looks. I have narrowed down my style into an elegant, colorful, art-filled cozy space. I promise it is possible, with my expert thrifting, and shopping on a budget skills, the condo should be ready by summer! (This includes a few minor contract needs) Lets start with the entry way/living room- it's all about curating the perfect space.

1. mid-century piece (we already own) it just needs some lovelies on top,
and a few pieces of artwork on the walls
(All images taken from Pinterest) 
Any mid-century piece would not be complete without a hand-full of art toppers: 

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