Monday, March 7, 2011

I have a confession.

There are times I can be a complete computer geek. No excuses, or shamelessly hiding it… yes I do own a MAC and LOVE it, YES I do own an IPHONE and adore it. And yes, I DO get excited when I walk into a Mac store. Technology is my friend, and I intend to use every pointless app, design tool, and tricky technique to make my work easier and more often than not…. way fun. SO, in lou of this discovery I give to you my three top APPLE tools.

...well at least this week.

(1) SCREEN SHOT. So you can capture ridiculous moments like these…

(2) GPS in my phone- that is right, I have Mobile ME so don’t even THINK about stealing my phone… I will find you.

(3) 8mm (for IPhone)- This app is ridiculous. I do admit, I hated the fact that modern technology has consumed the elegance and individuality out of a monstrous handful of cameras including the Polaroid. There are millions of Polaroids in perfect condition floating around thrift stores and hidden in closets. Juat make NEW film, why produce a brand new model

This guy is ridiculously talented.

i wonder if he has a MAC.

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