we had little a clue.

Monday, February 7, 2011


this is where our adventure began.

one pack 30 yr. aged 75 color film
restored beauty Polaroid land film camera
two pairs of mittens
one rusty green bridge
hot liquid chocolate rice
and a but load of frowns and slippery feet
oh! and a sore bum.


lets just say I have Google and blue tape to thank,
and a decade worth of dust to fault.

The film was a bit shot
or we collectively somehow managed to over expose every single photo.
the picnic made up for our lack of Polaroid skills


grilled portabello on wheat

dried mango
chocolate pretzels
sweet potato chips
& apple

smiles all around

carrie fagan


  1. aaw bummer the film didnt work for you! the shots you posted here are cute though. im glad to see you made the most of a cold february day!

  2. I just love your blog! Sorry your film was a bust! Looks like you had fun though :)


  3. What a lovely post! It seems like you made the best of a wintery day. Too bad the film didn't work out. The pictures you shared were wonderful nonetheless. :D

  4. i have & love that camera too!
    i didn't have any luck with mine either...
    it now sits in my giant bookcase with all my other cameras.

    your picnic looks adorable :)



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