Holi Color Celebration

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Gavin does nothing normal. So naturally for his birthday he wanted to celebrate in a very unique way. the main goal... to please and delight as many people as possible with incredibly delicious home cooked food, vibrant color powder extravaganza, and a simple in kind donation to none other than your everyday goat giving organization.

this sounds absurd. but is completely normal in Gav's book. A birthday is for celebration, but MR. Giving G took it a step further, he wanted to raise money for someone a bit less fortunate than himself. He asked for donations at his bday party to be put toward an organization (sorry i forget the name) which provided livestock (GOATS) to a family in need. Success? i dunno yet. i still owe him 20$ but a kick booty idea if you ask me.

the celebration was quite a splendid event. generous portions of squash casserole, chick pea salad, and banana raisin bread pudding with espresso chocolate sauce. YUM! and of course HOLI POWDER.

here is the prezzie Dily and I made Gav for his Bday...
still a work in progress.
his own personal creepy shrine.

to say the very least. the food was yum. the friends were a delight. and the colored powder was sweet!
Happy Birthday Gav.


  1. aw that looks like sucha fun party! i love the color powder, thats sweet :)
    the food sounds yummy and thats awesome he is giving back to others in need. <3
    peace & love!

  2. that's such a good idea! given me some inspiration for future birthdays! :D xoxo

  3. ooo fun party!! and yummy food! hope u had fun!


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